Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lyon's Order Just Arrived--YAY!!

UPS just rang my bell and handed me a box of AWESOME!

Clockwise from top-left: Cherry Princess, Cranberry Crush, Lexi, Little Misty Blue, and Eternal Orbit
(Click pic to enlarge)

Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses is THE BEST! And they have a new facebook page--Check it out! When it reaches 300 "Like"s (which is hopefully really soon), there's gonna be a CONTEST where the prize is gonna be a $10 LLG gift certificate!

Aaaaand now I'm gonna go unpack my new babies! :-)


  1. I agree! Lyndon Lyon has the bestest plants you can ever get. Wish I'd been able to get some at convention, boo hoo. Jana

  2. I just put in an order for Cranberry Crush, Solemn Promise, and Summer Comfort. Just leaves though. I'm hoping I can successfully root them.

  3. So how are those plants doing? (Starting my AV collection over and scouting out related blogs we'll all start chanting UPDATE, UPDATE!) ;)

    1. They're all doing great, no flowers 'cos I disbud trying to grow for a fall show.. But they are all perfectly round and nice!


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