Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Buy, buy, buy!

Shop, shop, shop!
Spend, spend, spend!
My FAVORITE vendor, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
David Harris of Dave's Violets (Altho, he specializes in Sinningias)
ACA's violets from Canada, eh?
Pat Hancock of Buckeye African Violets
Dave Thompson
Donna Brining - Fancy Bloomers
Rob & Olive Robinson - The Violet Barn
Brenda & Mahlen Petry - Violet Gallery
Apologies to the vendors I didn't get pics of!!! There were even more... Ooops!


  1. Gosh, no signage on the wall to indicate the name of each vendor? Perhaps it's against the hotel's rules and regulations?

  2. We need close-ups so we can lust from afar.

  3. Were your photos taken several hours after the official opening of the sales room? At some of the more popular commercial tables, they're usually two- or three-deep full of shoppers! Maybe this year's event attracted a smaller than usual number of folks?


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