Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Visit To The Violet Lab!

It's almost Halloween, so what better time to visit a lab? But this isn't just any ole lab. I almost titled this post: "It's Not Hoarding If You Take It To Work Instead Of Filling Your House With It" but that seemed a bit wordy. But, seriously.

I've told you a little about Deb before here. So basically, I'm just gonna post pics from today's visit. We had fun chatting and repotting, and that was about it! But I also snapped MANY pics and whittled over 100 down to just under 70, and I didn't take down names because... come on. But I got you a MEGA OVERLOAD of African violet eye-candy, so please do enjoy. And note: all pics can be clicked to biggerize!

We'll now take a brief intermission for all the GESNERINERDS aka "WEED ADDICTS" out there with some Streptocarpus pics....

And I now return you to your regularly scheduled African violet eye-candy drool-athon!

THE END! And again, please don't ask me any of the names because I probably don't know. All I can tell you is to make friends with Deb yourself, go visit her lab, and sift thru the 10,000 plants and find out for yourself, HA!


  1. Oh shoot, they are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

  2. Just gorgeous!!! It's great to see where Debbie grows all those plants and it's good that you are back in the Blogosphere again!!! - Peg C.


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