Thursday, October 25, 2012

How NOT To Grow Show Plants

Well, the 3 main contenders I had hopes of entering in shows either next weekend at Tristate or at MAAVS week after are not looking likely. The worst part is, it's all my own fault for not taking care of things properly over the summer. Serves me right for relying on suspended animation up until almost the last minute. Yes, suspended animation is good if you just need to keep the plants alive, but it's not gonna work out if you actually wanna show any of them. Lesson learned, although I swear, I really did know better.
(Note: all pics can be clicked to biggerize)

Cherry Princess - DANG, look at all the  flowers on that ONE freakin' bloom stalk! Woulda had huge potential if I'd been doing it right. There's another stalk coming, but I'm pretty certain it won't be ready in time for anything. And by then, the older flowers will be fading anyways. 
Eternal Orbit - Two lonely flowers does not a show plant make. Don't be fooled by my bad growing practices, this cultivar is usually COVERED in blooms at shows, and even took Best In Show at the 2012 AVSA National Convention.
Fancy Free - FULL of bloom, but I wasn't paying attention so the foliage is a mess. Lotsa crazy gaps, and should be  bigger because it's a standard. I just kept snapping off leaves to save space. 

From now on, just call me Lamont because I am a BIG DUMMY!

We'll see if I manage to scrape up anything else to enter since this is my last chance for the year.

All of these plants are from THE best vendor, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses. Please go "like" their facebook page if you haven't already--I work really hard on it! Again, don't be turned off by how badly I grew the plants, they ARE top-quality, I just kinda ruined their potential for this year. 


  1. Love the blog! Do you happen to be m3rma1d on YouTube because if you are... Thank you so much for the vids they were super informative and I think you helped me propagate an amazing AV (not sure yet). Checked your channel when my friend's mom gave me a baby AV and I knew nothing about them except what ppl say: that they're hard to grow, fussy and not to wet the leaves. Also they used to give me the goose bumps because they made me think of tarantulas eww, I got over

    Anyways I just wanted to leave a comment, thank you. Love your AV and keep the camera rolling.

    1. Yes I am m3rma1d on YouTube! :) SO GLAD you've gotten into AVs!!! Are you on facebook?? I have a LOT of awesome AV-related stuff on there too...


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