Sunday, August 25, 2013

Groomed, Repotted, Marathoned, & Domed!

Meant to post this yesterday but was busy with my real job. Got all my new plants fixed up 2 nights ago! (Click pics to biggerize!)

Ta-daaa don't they look perfect? Now to keep them that way..
(Note, I left one bloomstalk on Lovestruck 'cos I just wanna see the flower--it WILL come off as soon as it opens!)

Oh and here's a little "Sunday Funny" for ya... I made this for the LLG Facebook page and honestly, I'm quite proud of my work:

Let there be LEAVES!


  1. Omg! They're sooo cute, I think I might have gotten the AV bug! Those miniature ones are so adorable! Do you know where I could purchase these? I live in Montreal.

    1. You can order from they ship to Canada! They are the BEST!!! The shipping and inspection cost might bug you a little, but TRUST me it's WORTH IT!! Give them a shot--And tell them Ann-Marie sentcha!! :)

  2. Hey, that wouldn't be Midnight Rascal, would it? :-D

    I like your collection; good luck, I'm sending bug-repelling thoughts your way.

    Your fan,



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