Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get Rid Of It!!!

Sorry for not updating much over the summer, I've been busy tossing stuff--Clutter, weight, and sadly PLANTS!


I haven't had a lot to write about because sadly I got a buncha bugs in my collection. There, now you all know my horrible secret. And no, it really doesn't feel any better to finally talk about it.
Thrips, and mealies, and mites, OH MY!
Bad times. And so embarrassing. Srsly, feels shameful. Is this what having an STD feels like? (I don't really wanna know, thanks)

But it kinda all fit in with the state of my life anyhow, there's a definite theme for sure: "Get rid of it!!"
I've been spending the summer cleaning my apartment and losing weight. So now most of my plants got tossed too. Sad, but doesn't it just seem kinda right? 

I'm trying to save a VERY precious few but I dunno... 

Oh, Lexi.... I can't throw you away with that big head of blooms can I?
(Actually yes, she'll be going in the rubbish tomorrow, don't tell her)

The only African violets I really wanna save... Altho I can live without that one in the front/right if I have to.
The other 3, I really don't wanna lose.

The micro sinnies SHOULD be ok since they've been kept in this container by themselves for quite some time.
But I will be keeping an eye on them for sure.

Micro sinnie seeds I started the other day.
They should be fine since they were just seeds and nowhere near the infested stuff.
The GOOD NEWS is that TOMORROW I am going to my favorite place on earth, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses and buying a new plant collection. The 25% off facebook coupon couldn't have been timed better! :-p

So other stuff I'm getting rid of?
Oh yeah see I am cleaning out my apartment too. 

And as you can see, I've been working really hard on THIS.
Seeing how I looked in convention pictures this year really lit a fire under my azz!

So that's that, thanks for reading. I'm sure there will be some good stuff to post after I get back from Lyon's, so stay tuned! And tap this link to go "Like" the facebook page if you haven't already!


  1. You're looking wonderful!!! Yay You!! And congrats on divesting all that stuff. Sorry about the plant issues - it happens - and if there is any way to replace the three you don't want to lose, I'd toss them, too - otherwise, take leaves if you can, wash them well, and start over that way.

  2. Sorry to hear about your infestation (Lord knows we've all been there :) But on the up side, YOU are looking great!


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