Friday, August 30, 2013


GAHD lately there is SO much spamming in the comments here on Fuzzy Foliage lately... Thankfully most of it is automatically removed by Blogger. But it's just annoying, 'cos I get all excited thinking someone actually commented on a post--But nope, it's just a thinly-veiled guise to post about Viagra or some such nonsense.

Side-question for the actual readers: Y U NO COMMENT MUCH!?

So anyhooz, I've decided to take drastic measures here in an effort to make myself feel like I'm in control. I'mna post my OWN Spam on my OWN blog. 


I love it best with eggs.
But honestly there's no wrong way to eat it.

Happy Friday everyone! :-)


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I got the first comment. Spam, spam spammity spam. :-)

  2. Why I no comment much?

    1) Something on your blog, which I haven't been able to identify, makes it take forever (> 15 min.) to fully load for me (on Firefox -- the page comes up, but the little circle keeps spinning around in the tab for your blog), and, rarely, slows the rest of my (11-year-old) computer down to the point where it's difficult to do anything else with. So when I do visit, I'm usually just stopping in long enough to read what you've written, and then I close the tab so I can look at other things. Whatever it was, it started being a problem in or around May.
    2) I'm interested enough in AVs to check the blog, but: I don't actually have any, they don't do well for me, and I don't want any, so there's often not any comment to leave in the first place.
    3) Facebook, Twitter, etc. all seem to be sucking a lot of people's commenting energy away from blogs. That's not an issue for me personally, because I'm not on either, but it's probably a factor, if you're seeing a large drop in the number and quality of comments. People who spend all day chattering to one another on Twitter don't have as much energy left to chatter to one another on blogs.

    W/r/t spam:

    Last fall, I was getting new spam comments sent to comment moderation every 45 minutes, on average, on top of the ones that went to the spam folder. So I definitely know the pain you're talking about. What (mostly) fixed it for me was turning on Captchas. Nobody likes Captchas, true, but spambots are still not quite smart enough to figure them out, so it's helped -- I now regularly go a week at a time without seeing a spam comment -- and the number of legitimate comments didn't change.

    1. As usual, I just wanna say that you're awesome. And I am glad/honored that you even peek in here!!!

    2. (I don't know if you changed anything or not, but for whatever it's worth, your site isn't doing the eternal-loading thing for me on my new computer, so it may have been due to some weird conflict with my particular version of Firefox, or Windows XP, or something like that.)

    3. Actually, never mind, 'cause it did it again after I posted that last comment.

  3. Not everyone admits to enjoying spam. I also do and enjoy African violets as well. So the next logical question is do people that enjoy African violets also enjoy spam? Is there some positive correlation? Another of life’s mysteries. I enjoy your blog.

    1. After much thought and consideration and making of graph charts and stuff, I've come up with this: Cool people love African violets, and cool people love Spam. AWESOME people love both. So we're awesome! :)

  4. Even after being a vegetarian for half my life now, I still occasionally miss a good Spam sandwich. Sliced, fried, and served on gooey white bread slathered in mustard. Mmmm. And then I come to my senses and go eat a vegetable of some kind. Blech.

    I also have a weird issue with your blog; it's eternally loading/connecting, probably one of the ads going wonky. Right now I see 'Transferring data from' on the bottom of the screen.

    Your fan,



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