Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tell Me, Who Are You?

'Cos I really wanna know!

As usual, my micro sinnies are putting on a flower show (I swear it's like they never stop) BUT... I I've got a little case of "whoooo are you?" going on around here! Anyone wanna play CSI: Gesneriads? Click pics to biggerize!

I have this one labeled as Wood Nymph. Gorgeous and has 6 flowers open right now: 

YOW! That is one gorgeous little container, is it not?
Of course there's never a show to enter when I have something this nice.
But guess what? I've got another container of Wood Nymph that I am pretty sure came from a different source, and there's one flower on it right now which it's much different:

And this isn't one of my weird sport things, the ones in this container always bloom this way.
When I did some googling, the one with bigger/darker flowers looks like maybe Razzmatazz or Carefree Regina? And Wood Nymph (for the most part) looked more like that one in the 2nd pic. I never got around to buying either Razzmatazz or Carefree Regina, but could it be one of those and was just labeled wrong? Anyone know? HALP PLZ!!

And here's one last pic where you can see them near each other and how obviously they aren't the same plant, whoooooever they are!!

If anyone knows, shout out the answer!

I love my micro Siningias, and I wanna keep them labeled properly!


  1. Is the first one Ruffled Wood Nymph? There is also a Little Wood Nymph...

    1. MIGHT be Ruffled Wood Nymph.

      "Little Wood Nymph" is a common misnomer, it's simply Wood Nymph, there is no "Little", but people mislabel it.


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