Monday, October 21, 2013

How Big Are These Gonna GET!?

I'm kinda proud and had to show off, these are the biggest African violets I've ever grown!! (and holy crap, they're gonna get bigger!?)

Sweet Affair and Inner Strength, I just repotted them into 3.5" pots, never had any AVs in pots this big!! I was tempted to throw on some croutons and just call 'em lunch!! But I resisted and just slipped on the upgraded 9" (!omg!) rings and called 'em two jobs well done.

Sweet Affair

Repotting standards is soooooo much different than those little minis and semis I'm used to! I wasn't allowed to rip leaves and roots off like I usually have so much fun doing haha! And then setting them down in the pot, it was hard to know if they were centered or not. And then to fill in soil with all those huge leaves in the way OMG! This is quite a learning experience.

Inner Strength

Don't make fun of that HUGE gap on Inner Strength at 6:00--My hands were/are ITCHING to groom off 12:00, 3:00 and 9:00, but my friends coaching me over the internet said "LEAVE IT ALONE it will fill in!!" These friends are great AV growers, but they aren't show-growers, so.... What say you? (P.S. to my coaches reading this, don't get mad that I'm asking for more opinions!!)

So anyhooz, that's that. I guess I am growing standards now for real.


  1. We'd love to see a video when you gets some blooms :-)

    1. I'll take pics! I am letting one flower open on each, Inner Strength's is just beginning to open today :) I won't let them go into full bloom until spring show season.

  2. I agree with the friends. I have seven standards and they naturally achieve a beautiful symmetry without being trained. They can get hefty. My friends all joke that they will one day eat up the little babies!

  3. I'm with David and your friends; mitts off! It will fill itself in.



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