Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plants Plants Plants 10.8.13

Here's what's crappenin' around my plant stand right now! (Click pix to biggerize)

Random things that need to stay domed (dome taken off for the pic, of course..)
Babies on the leaf of Lovestruck, bright-azz flower on Episcia 'Cleopatra',
eleventy billion suckers from Ness' Tiny Flame trying to root,
and of course my micro sinnie Star Eyes x Self babies getting bigger every minute!
(that will get its own update tomorrow)

The sicko ward--I've not found any buggies on the yellow sticky trap which is a good sign,
but I'm still pretty skurrd, so they're staying in here for a while longer!
They seem ok with it, tho.

My micro sinnies are blooming in a MAJOR way! Of course, because the MAAVS show is a whole month away. Jerks.
Also have a few more crosses in the works, 4 seed pods are getting nice & fat. One pod is iffy, prolly didn't take.
Just note, I took the dome off for this pic, otherwise everything stays under there at all times for humidity. 

Last month's order from Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, potted up looking pretty good.
I think I'll raise them to be closer to the light in a minute, 'cos they're reaching
and now I'm embarrassed because you saw them doing that.

The big tray! No longer staying domed, 'cos things were getting too crowded.
I want show plants someday, and crowing ain't gonna do much for those goals.
I raised it to be closer to the light 2 days ago, and things are starting to look better already.
The standards are still freaking me out, getting bigger all the time.
Keeping the two flowers on Lovestruck, just 'cos it's pretteh to look at.
I messed up trying some different fertilizer and a few of the semis got crown rust/fert burn.
They'll be fine, just look kinda junky at the moment.
Li'l Ballerina was losing her variegation and growing huge leaves up on the top shelf,
so I moved her down and I'm keeping her in this sundae cup thingie
('cos that tiny pot she's in dries out too fast to keep her "out"),
but also, I rigged it up a bit to keep her closer to the light.
It's working out great!
Her variegation is back, and the leaves are no longer getting huge looking for more light.
Full frontal stand pic! I'm only using 2 outta 4 shelves on the stand, I will prolly need to get a 3rd going pretty soon. 


  1. Your plants are looking great! Looking forward to those mini sins growing up!

  2. Thanks Maureen! Will be updating those today :) Still tiny, but bigger by the minute!

  3. Ooo, nice shelves; flowers and everything!!

    Your tiny Sinn. babies are growing faster than my grown-ups! Congratulations on being a Gessie mommy! ;-)



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