Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh Yeah, LOOT!

I forgot to post about what I got today at the Bay State AVS luncheon!
I accidentally bought 4 plants--EWPZ!
Blue Dragon, Perfect Harmony, (what's up with me getting standards lately... Who in the world am I!?) Jolly Frills, and Ness' Crinkle Blue.
Aaaand in the raffle I wasn't winning anything, but my awesome friend Debbie Vallidis got one of her tickets called, which she handed to me! So I grabbed the totes adorbz itty-bitty tea set. Then lo and behold one of my tickets was called and Debbie didn't want anything, so I grabbed a vintage and outdated book to add to my vintage and outdated African violet book collection. They're always so funny!

1 comment:

  1. Dang, woman, you're the winningest! I've never heard of that vintage and outdated book; does it have b/w drawings, or b/w pics? Post please. Pretty please?



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