Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sad News...

This morning I got very sad news that Janice Bruns passed away last night. She was a top show grower back in the day and contributed a lot to the African violet world at large for many years. Also the beloved wife of Joe Bruns, who is one of my favorite people on this planet.

My heart is hurting so bad for my friend Joe right now. His devotion to Jan has always reminded me of something out of a movie--I swear, he loved her more every minute that passed in their 46 year marriage.

The beautiful couple Joe and Jan Bruns on their wedding day
August 7th, 1967
I'd like to collect cards from everyone to send to Joe. He is a treasure in our African violet world building and maintaining FC2, handling the official registrations of new African violet hybrids, webmaster of, plus more.
Please take a moment and let him know you're thinking of him and his loss.

Send cards to:

Joe Bruns
C/O Ann-Marie Keene
PO Box 10395
Portland, Maine 04104-0395


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