Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mac's Carnival Clown

I'm still at Lenny's in New Jersey where the snow from the Boxing Day Blizzard has mostly melted, but the good news (to me anyways) is that we're bracing for another potential blizzard tomorrow! I LOVE snow!
The best part about having a gesneri-nerd boyfriend is that I can keep a few plants here and they're taken care of when I'm not here (better than the poor ones I leave at home all the time with my neighbor tending to them!)
Currently blooming in my home-away-from-home collection here is Mac's Carnival Clown, which I grew from a leaf that was given to me by my good friend and the hybridizer of the plant, George McDonald.
Now, I know that you know I'm not a big fan of semis, but ever since I first started growing, I've always loved the bloom on this one so much that I just didnt care. The bright bold pink, the splashes of purple, and the crisp white edge--Just striking!
Wanna know something exciting? I have a plant in the works that's a miniature, variegated, with a very similar bloom that's in its 2nd generation. When it makes it thru its 3rd it'll be registered as Mermaid's Comic Strip.
Hope you're all enjoying the new year so far. Leave a comment and let me know what's blooming on your shelves at the moment!


  1. You'd better post a pic of your hybrid on the forum!

  2. Bad news, I lost the numbers with parental info and may not be able to register it. ARGH!


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