Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uh Oh, Here Comes The Micro Sinningia Addiction...

Look how happy my sinningia pusilla is!

There are over 15 open flowers on it right now.
If you look up on the shelf behind it, you can also kinda see my other two micro sinns--'Wood Nymph' on the right, and "Rio Das Padres" on the left (which Lenny informed me last night has officially had its name changed to muscicola, but good luck remembering that!)

Amazing how taking them outta the neglected condiment-cups-inside-GladWare®-setup could make such a huge difference. I used to only get one flower at a time, if that. And in the case of "Rio Das Padres" (Oops, I mean muscicola!) I only had a sad tuber with no plant for the better part of a year until I repotted.

I now have them in these glass votive candle holders I got at an arts & crafts store, and I leave plastic wrap over the tops to keep the humidity up--except when I see lotsa condensation on the glass, I lift a corner and let it clear up a bit. I dunno if it's necessary, but it makes for better viewing. The plastic wrap ain't pretty, but the flowers sure are!

My only worry is drainage... do they need it? Should I have put a layer of charcoal on the bottom, under the potting mix? Time will tell, I suppose--unless you tell me first!

Anyhooz, now I want NEED more micro sinningias. Looking online at pics I'm drooling over concinna, pusilla 'White Sprite', 'Star Eyes', 'Snowflake', 'Little Tiger', 'Carefree's Regina', 'Hircon', 'Razzmatazz'.... and others, I'm sure!

Oh dear, I feel another addiction coming on... Someone help, quick--Send babies from the above list!

Argh, so much for not letting the "weeds" (aka gesneriads) invade my African violet collection!


  1. Lovely picture, I too grow mini-sinns and like them very much.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Thank you Lydia! And thanks for following my blog, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  3. Do you have more than 1 plant in there?


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