Monday, January 31, 2011

Lenny's Gonna Be Wrapped Around Everyone's...

 (Click to enlarge - Also available in gold-tone)

Check out the new AVSA watch design, featuring Lenny Winter's photograph of Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler!

I'm so proud of my Schmoopie!! (Ok, you can all stop making that face now...)

At the present time, the watches are only available for pre-order on the registration form for the AVSA National Convention for a mere $35!
But I just got off the phone with Jenny at the AVSA office and she said that after convention, the remaining watches will be available for sale to all members who weren't able to attend. Unfortunately there is only a limited quantity, so you're gonna have to keep your eyes open for the announcement because after convention there might not be a lot to go around!
 (Hint: All the more reason to go to convention!)


  1. Wow, way cool, congrats!

  2. Why are there no hands on the watch? I came to vote in the new poll but I can't find it. Boo hoo! Jana

  3. I just checked and the gold tone watches don't even have markings for numerals. Weird. Jana

  4. Jana--The pics aren't of the actual watches, they're like the sample images from the manufacturer... They just stick any old pic in to show you a representation of what it'll look like.

    Also, the new poll is up now :-) Sorry, I went to bed last night LOL


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