Sunday, January 30, 2011

"You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat..."

Sinningia muscicola. What a difference a few weeks makes!
Back on December 6th, I repotted my 3 micro sinningias. I had 2 that were actual plants (pusilla and 'Wood Nymph'), and then one that was just a sad, dormant, little nugget of a tuber, left under soggy old soil for well over 6 months--that was Sinningia muscicola (formerly known as "Rio das Padres").

So while my two plant-y sinns got pretty store bought glass votive candle globes, the sad little soggy muscicola tuber got tossed into a smaller glass votive holder I already had around my apartment. I wasn't about to spend $1.00 on a tiny little wet lump that I was sure would sit in the soil and do nothing. Even if I DID have a coupon that day!

I left for New Jersey on December 15th and it was just potting soil sitting in glass. But when I came home January 25th, it shocked me when I looked and saw a plant with a FLOWER (and buds) in there!

As you can see from the pic, it has already outgrown the small glass thingy I initially tossed the tuber into!
So today, I shall happily plonk down the $1.00 (+ tax) to get this little guy its much-deserved decent sized living quarters.

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