Thursday, January 27, 2011

The NEW Violet Barn (Website) / Our African Violet Histories

Have you checked out the revamped Violet Barn website yet? I think it looks great--Way easier to navigate. It's also got great functionality now with a shopping cart! Ea$y $hopping, anyone?

But my favorite part? The BLOG! Only 3 entries so far, but that first entry ("Let's get the ball rolling..." Dec 22nd 2010) is a REALLY cool read where Rob explains his African violet history.

I LOVE to hear people's African violet stories!

I explained some of mine here. I found a miniature noID at Lowe's one night and had to have it... There's actually a WHOLE lot more to the story and some day I might tell the whole thing, but for now I'll just say African violets saved my life.

A fairly recent pic of the very first African violet I ever got.

How did YOU get into African violets? Please comment!


  1. My wife originally got me into violets. She had a little purple NOID, and then we got one from both her mother and grandmother. A pink and a purple with geneva respectively. Then she introduced me to the wide variety that is available, and we ordered somewhere around a dozen plants. A few months later an add appeared in the paper about a local violet show and sale. We went and bought several plants there. I then joined the club that sponsored the event. Since then I have collected a few more plants and sold some at the semi-annual sale. This spring will be my first show entry, and I plan on having around 3 plants, plus the 3 project plants that the club gave out. Violets also launched me into other gesneriads including: aeschynanthus, Sinningia speciosa, episcia, and streptocarpus.

  2. Ooooh Mark, good luck at your upcoming first show! You'll do great, I just know it.

  3. I bought a noid at Lowes, searched the internet to try & not kill it. Found and the rest is history.


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