Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AVSA Convention 2011 Internet Buddies Dinner Info

Hey all, just helping my friend Jana Banana from Indiana get the word out about this year's Internet Buddies Dinner!

Note: This is NOT the "Internet Luncheon" banquet thingy put on by AVSA that you have to pay for in your convention registration. You just show up to this and order/pay for what you want off the restaurant menu! (Yes I know her note says this, but historically people have gotten confused on this point a lot, so it is worth repeating!) Anyhooz, here's the info from Jana:

Our Internet Buddies Dinner will be Friday May 20, 2011 at 6:30 PM in Embers Wood Fired Grill located in the host hotel (Crowne Plaza Hotel Cherry Hill). Last year we had 37 people attend our dinner - including many hybridizers & vendors. This is a social event and it is not put on by AVSA. We each order & pay for whatever we want from the menu and though it's not required many people attending bring small gifts for everyone. We always have a blast, take lots of photos & get to put faces with names we know on our internet groups. This is definitely a "can't miss" dinner at the AVSA convention. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone there!

And now just for fun (or to convince you that you need to join us) here are some pics from last year's Internet Buddies Dinner at the 2010 AVSA National Convention which was held in in Raleigh, North Carolina (Where they just happened to have a Red Sox banner on the wall, AND were playing Red Sox at Rays game making it THE coolest hotel restaurant/bar in all of North Carolina!) Click pics to enlarge:

Look at that crowd! And I couldn't even get everyone in this shot! Check out George McDonald, Mel Grice, Pat Hancock, Jana from Indiana, Peggy from PA, and MANY OTHERS!

MORE people! Thad Scaggs, Tea (aka Teazviolets)... And others!

Barbara, Debbie... Oh hey, look at John Regan back there! I miss him!!

Monica and her man, Lenny, Scott, etc....

Me being goofy, and Peggy & Jana indulging my goofiness.

Lenny and I awwwww <3 Uh oh, what am I drinking??

So if you're coming to the 2011 AVSA National convention and you're reading this blog, you BETTER be coming to our fun-filled Internet Buddies Dinner!!


  1. Thanks Ann-Marie! Jana

  2. Hi, Ann-Marie,
    I'm Kiko in Japan, one of your fans of 'Fuzzy Foliage'. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the AVSA convention.

  3. Jana--You're welcome!

    Kiko--It will be great to see you! :-)


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