Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Night's WAVS Meeting/My First Strep

Last night was the Windsor African Violet Society monthly meeting--What a group! I couldn't even fit them all in the pic. And active! All the members actually participate, it was wonderful!

We talked about this past weekend's show/sale, I became an official member, and then Nancy announced that I get to do classifications for next year's show entries. A job! Hope I'll be good at it.

After we talked about the show, the meeting's program was a "Dawg Show", similar to what Central Jersey AVS did last month (I showed you pics) There were some pretty ugly plants, but Nancy took the prize for worst. Now why is it that every "worst" AV contest I go to is won by the person I'm staying with?

The meeting was held at my new friend Pam's house, she grows BEAUTIFUL streptocarpus (Streptocarpuses? Streptocarpi? Haha) Well anyhooz, I was admiring this tiny growing cultivar named Crystal Dawn, and she said, "Oh, you want one?" and handed me an extra she had from recently separating it!
So now I own my very first strep. And even tho it's what I call a "weed" I swear it's like this one was made just for me, because of its miniature size and pink on the flowers--Perfect! Thanks again, Pam!

I hope this doesn't mean I'm a full-fledged GESERINERD now!!

If you have an African violet society (club) near you, I highly suggest you go to a meeting. It's so awesome to be around other people who share the hobby!
(Sorry the pics are out of order on this post, I really hate this Blogger app on my droid, it doesn't let me do anything the way I want it grrrr!)

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