Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photos From The 2011 Windsor AVS Show

Remember when I was at the Windsor AVS Show a little while back? I took a few pics of some of the best plants in the show, and now you can see them. (Sorry I didn't get to photograph all of them, because I was really busy helping with the show!) But here are the two that won Best In Show*, followed by a link to the rest that I took pics of. (*Windsor AVS doesn't do just one overall BIS at their show, they have Best Over 12", and Best Under 12")

Best Over 12" (Standard) 'Ness' Candy Pink' exhibited by Debbie Vallides

Best Under 12" (Mini) 'Precious Red' - Exhibited by Doreen Lay

Click here for the rest of the photos. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful pics! Oh how I wish ALL of AVSA would adopt that BIS policy!!! I'm soooo sick of seeing tiny plants win BIS when their surface area is less than 1 leaf of many standards. It just isn't fair. Jana

  2. Eh, I see plenty of big plants win BIS.
    I much prefer one overall BIS myself. And if I was winning BIS (yeah right) I would feel gypped to have to share that with someone.


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