Friday, April 1, 2011

Results of Last Month's Poll

The question for last month (March) was: "Are you a member of AVSA (African Violet Society of America)?"

Wow, a lot of AVSA members! And some non-members, some maybe-soon members. Then even some who never heard of AVSA--Hope they learned about it!

For those of you who aren't members and especially for those who are thinking about joining, don't forget I am now sending FREE* LEAVES to anyone who joins AVSA and lists me as their referral. Just check out the Fuzzy Foliage AVSA Promotion post for more information!

(*$5 postage. I mean come on, I'm not rich!)

The new poll question for this month is: "Are you attending the 2011 AVSA National Convention next month?"
I know I sure am! This year it's in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and it's gonna be a BLAST! It doesn't come to the Northeast very often, so this is pretty major to have it so close! Seriously, if you can go you really should, even if it's just for a day to check out the showroom and salesroom. Even better would be to register and go for the most important days (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday) where you can go to presentations, and be there for the opening of the sales and show rooms. It's amazing being around so many people who share our hobby in one place. And you get to see plants from some of the top growers in the country! Not to mention, lots of beautiful plants from all the top vendors for sale. If you can scrape up some money and go, you won't regret it--I promise!


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