Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dad's First African Violet Show

My dad and my stepmother Pat came to the Bay State AVS show today! They both really enjoyed it, and thought it was a lot more interesting than they expected!
They even bought 3 new plants in the sales room, and some of Cape Cod Violetry's soil mix. Now I'm gonna work on getting them to join AVSA.  Gonna try and make addicts out of them yet!

Dad and me :-)


  1. It's so awesome that your Dad came to the show! My Dad would never do that - well....maybe if my Mom drug him to it, LOL! Jana

  2. Jana it was very cool! And both him and Pat kept saying how much better it was than they thought it would be. Yay!

  3. That's awesome Ann-Marie!! It's always nice to see parents involved at any age in something we love!!

  4. That's so sweet! Yes, I predict they will become addicts. How nice to be able to share your passion.

  5. OH, you are so close to making me an addict. I have the one, and I watch it all the time. Now I see little babies and I am concerned about dividing it.

    Tsk, changing the world one african violet lover at a time.

  6. Its so nice to have your Dad sharing the same passion, I wish my 3 sons shared my love of gardening!

  7. Thanks Holley & p3chandan!

    And lifeshighway--You WILL succumb eventually! :-p

  8. Wow that is cool that your dad is starting to get involved with violets. Four years ago my mother bought me african violets because she knew I can take care of them well and she was not into violets during that time like I was and still am. Now I'm getting her started to get excited about african violets whenever we go on your blog and you blog about your adventures in the african violet world and the tips and techniques you use to take care of them. Thanks to your blog my mother is starting to become an african violet fanatic like I am and we are getting three more violets from the violet barn so we can start our collection. Thank you so much M3rma1d for your blog. :)

    Also My pink violet(The one I Hybridize)is showing some signs of it swellness below the stigma(I believe it is the ovary, but not sure) So I am so excited that I will soon get seed pods but I will update you on whats going on with my hybridizing attempt. So far it's doing very well, for a first attempt. :)

    Hope to hear from you! _Dakjak

    One more thing, if you still have more leaves from your rob's antique rose violet, let me know.

  9. DakJak that's awesome, say "hi" to your mom from me!! And here's hoping that flower's ovary swells with seeds!


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