Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before & After

I've been doing some repotting for a friend.. Still have lots more to do, who wants to come help? Check out the "before & after" of just this one tray!


  1. Wow M3rma1d, very excellent job repoting those violets for your friend. Did you had to restart any of them on the count of they had long necks (They look so much smaller than the before picture)I have two african violets with long necks but I can't "decapatate" them because they have suckers growing from the bottom of the neck and also on the neck. So I'm trying to wait until those suckers grow a little bit more in order to pot them. But how long should they get in order for them to ready to be planted? Is ok to cut of the neck while the suckers are on there? If so, would they survive that way? Also what is your best method on cleaning your violets when they are dusty and have dirt on them?

  2. You can cut the crown off your plant and leave the neck "stump" behind to grow those suckers you wanna save! :-)

    For dusty/dirty violets I put them right under the faucet with warmish water running gently over them... Sometimes if the crown is really wet I'll blot the center with a paper towel.


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