Thursday, March 31, 2011

Starting From A *Broken* Leaf

Remember my video on starting African violets from leaves?

Well, sometimes a leaf snaps off a plant by accident and you're left with a tiny stem, or no stem at all--Do you just toss it? You don't have to! With just a few slices, you can start it like any other leaf.

Happy propagating!

PS: I know I said I would make a video showing how to set up wick watering in March. Well, I didn't get to it yet and March is over at midnight tonight. I promise to post it in April!


  1. You are an amazing little nuturer.

  2. I love this little how to video! I'm learning so much about African violets from your blog... great resource and fun!

  3. Lisa--Thanks! So glad you are digging my blog. Have you checked out all the other videos too?


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