Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures At Violet Gallery!

Not much to say, so I'll just post a buncha pics. I'm sure you're all ok with that, aren't you?
Oh but yes, I am wearing my slippers while signing for my purchases. Nothing like rolling outta bed and shopping for African violets!


  1. Great pics! I love the kitty one stuck in there.

    You always show the most unique varieties on here... how can I get some?! Until then I'll enjoy your pictures.

  2. Lisa that is their kitty Masie who fell asleep there on my lap last night for the looooongest time. :-)
    You can order any of the plants shown here from Violet Gallery! If you wanna know the name of a particular one, ask me I may know it, and if not I can try mailing them the pic for an ID.
    Their shipping season hasn't started quite yet, but will very soon! Their website is tell them Ann-Marie sentcha!

  3. They are all so pretty and healthy!

  4. Wow, sometimes a few words are helpful. Are those all your own varieties or ones that you spotted while shopping?

    Let me see if I can pick a I am choosing the flashy pink, purple variegated with a tad of white. Today I am not feeling understated.

  5. Mia--They sure were! Some of my plants don't look that good and I have less than 50 to take care of, they have THOUSANDS!! haha!

    lifeshighway--They are all varieties that were for sale on shelves there. I DID buy a plant of "Jolly Prize" which is the white/yellow/blush blossom, 3rd pic down. And I bought some others of course! :-) Just nothing I got pics of.

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