Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Card from CJAVS

Well, I'm leaving the hospital any minute. I ended up passing that rogue gallbladder stone all on my own. No wonder I hurt so bad!

While I wait for my nurse to bring my "limo" (aka wheelchair) to bring me outta here, I just wanted to show the lovely "get well" card that Jan Murasko from our Central Jersey African Violet Society sent me. Really lifted my spirits!


  1. Sorry that you are in the hospital but I am glad to have visited your blog. It's very informative and I learned something by watching some of your vidoes. Hope you'll get well soon!

  2. Helen it makes me so happy that you learned from my videos, thanks so much for saying so! I also hope I get well soon LOL

  3. just a 'wish you well' to help keep your spirits up. glad to hear you're out of the hospital.


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