Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Results of Last Month's Poll

The question for last month (February) was: "How Many African Violets Do You Have?"

Wow, a lot of people voted this month! And to me, the results were interesting... Why was it more popular to have over 1,000 and even over 5,000 than to just have over 500?  Weird, right? I dunno why, but I love this kinda stuff. The most popular answer was 26-50, and that's where my collection falls. I don't count the tray of purposely neglected and abused plants that I keep in order to make good videos.

Anyone who answered they have no African violets--Thanks for visiting and I hope I can help get you hooked on them!

The new poll question for this month is "Are You A Member of AVSA?"
For those who answer "No" or "I've been thinking about joining...", I have an exciting announcement coming up soon that will hopefully give you a little added motivation to finally join!
And for those who answer "Never heard of AVSA", I will have some information on the organization as well. 
 More on all that a little bit later!

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