Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello From The Hospital!

Well I'm not Catholic, but a little over 3 hours ago I gave up my gallbladder for lent!

I was supposed to get it out next week in Maine (where I live), but it had ideas of its own and Lenny ended up taking me to the ER here in Toms River, NJ and they decided it needed to come out TODAY!

Oh and when I was in the holding room just before surgery I got a cool new African violet grooming tool! The nurz gave me this sponge thing to wet my tongue and lips (very unhelpful, by the way), but I think it'll be a perfect tool for getting wet and cleaning dirt and debris off leaves. I wish it was pink, though. I'm gonna ask and see if someone can find a pink one for me. :-)

They're giving me morphine and I've got a stack of AVSA Magazines as you can see I'm reading in the pic, so I'm pretty well set. I am in pain but it's worth it to know I won't get those debilitating attacks from the stones anymore.

I do wish I had an African violet plant in my room, but we didn't think of it. Oh well, at least I have my magazines.


  1. Consider this comment an imaginary African Violet... the most beautiful one you've ever seen (with morphine you may be able to imagine an outstanding specimen!!) I present it to you with best wishes to get well soon:-))

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will be up and about again really soon. xxx

  3. Hope you Get well fast! About the sponge - rinse it really well. They usually have a minty flavor & some additives. You can buy them at some drug stores. Love & Hugs! Jana

  4. Thank you for your thoughts Alice, Christine, and Jana!
    I got outta the hosp at 5pm last night, back at Lenny's hurting reeeal bad now. Just got the doc to call in an Rx for pain pills, trouble is now I have to pay for them (I only have coverage back home in Maine)... oh well, I will pay whatever, anything to make this pain go away some!


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