Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fuzzy Foliage AVSA Promotion!

Have you heard of the African Violet Society of America? Have you ever thought about joining? Now is the time!

For all NEW members of AVSA, if you put me down as having referred you I will send you 10 miniature and/or semiminiature African violet leaves as my way of thanking you for joining the society. All I ask is that you send me $5 to help cover the packing & postage. Why am I doing this? Simply because our society needs new members and I want to help!
I can hear some of you thinking, "But why would I want to join the AVSA? Isn't that for more advanced growers?" Oh trust me, AVSA is for EVERYBODY who likes African violets!
For $30 a year ($35/year in Canada and $40/year in all other countries) you get 6 magazines a year that are chock full of color pictures and articles & columns that contain information all the way from the very beginner to the more advanced. And as a member you will also get other items available from the society at a discounted member price. Yep, that even includes FC2 which every grower should have!
Click here to join AVSA today! After you pay, simply email them (avsa@earthlink.net) and let them know that I (Ann-Marie Keene) referred you. Please remember, my offer is only for brand NEW members joining, not for renewing members.
Once you join and pay for your new membership, you can paypal me $5 (m3rma1d@gmail.com) and as soon as we get into perfect "leaf-shipping weather" (spring), your 10 leaves will go out to you! If you don't have paypal, email me and we'll work out how to mail payment.
I think it could be really fun to see how many new AVSA members I can recruit from Fuzzy Foliage--I swear you won't regret joining!


  1. Oh you are certainly tempting me with the siren call of the fuzzy plants.

  2. lifeshighway--That's why I'm called "Mermaid" hahaha!
    PS: I have a submission for your blog I think! Hang on I will send it to you.

  3. Ohhhhhhh I want I want hehe ... I plan to join sometime in the near future but I think if I spend any more right now on anything plant related Shane might just might call an intervention lol ... gotta let the dust settle a little lol

  4. Hello! I'm a new follower of your blog and will be joining our local African Violet club at our next meeting on this coming Monday. Just like Dawn, I've spent way too much money recently on new starters and leaves, so joining our local club is all I can do on this paycheck! lol How long will you be doing this for? And do you mind if I ask what you gain by having our referrals? :)


  5. Dawn--Yep, let the dust settle for a bit, then ask for an early birthday present LOL

    Sally--I will do it for as long as I have leaves to cut off plants. The other day I cut off 30 leaves at once and things are starting to look a little bare. LOL But I still wanna keep going. I started this because I think joining the society is important--I want more people to be active in this hobby because I don't want it to go away! :-)

  6. Alright, sounds good! :) I joined one of our local clubs today and picked up a couple of starters too, but maybe on my next paycheck I can do it if you're still doing the promo! lol

    One of my new plants is Renee, an old one that they tore apart for a demo on repotting crowns. I'm looking forward to when she takes root and starts to bloom! :D

  7. Sally that's so awesome! I love going to club meetings wherever I happen to be. It's always good to be around like-minded people! Have fun with 'Renee' :-)


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