Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lenny Is The King Of Trailer Trash!

Check out Lenny's ENORMOUS plant Cirelda! For those not familiar, Cirelda is an African violet classified as a semiminiature trailer. A "trailer" means the growth habit is supposed to have multiple crowns, unlike single crowned varieties where another crown would be called a sucker and plucked out! On trailers, the goal is more crowns, you have to have a minimum of three to enter it in a show, and as you can see he has far exceeded that minimum with Cirelda!
Does it look like he knows how to grow trailers or what? Imagine if it were a large trailer instead of semiminiature--He'd have to move into a bigger trailer! Oops I mean "Mobile Home".

We are crossing our fingers that it will get flowers on all the crowns in time for a show this spring--Cross your fingers with us, please!


  1. Yeah, that's a double wide at least.

  2. mr_subjunctive--Perfect description! :-p

    Red Island Green Thumb--Lenny says, "Thanks!"


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