Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CJAVS "Awful Violet Show" 2011

Back on the 8th of March, the program for our Central Jersey African Violet Society meeting was an "Awful Violet Show". I was gonna post about it the very next day, but I ended up in the hospital getting my gallbladder out instead, and then I had a buncha complications that kept me there for a while, and then I was at Lenny's recovering for a while, and then we were busy going to Violet Gallery--But NOW I am finally back home and getting around to showing you the fun we had that night at our club meeting! (All images can be enlarged by clicking on 'em)

Here is our group of regulars! From left to right: Maria, Grace, Jan Murasko, David Tooker, George McDonald, Ruth-Ann, Anthony, Dean, and Lenny Winter. (I'm behind my phone taking the pic, of course)

Here is the show schedule. Jan Murasko did such an awesome job writing it! The parts with our names we had to read out loud, and it was hard for everyone to do without cracking up!

 Wow look at those sad plants! Asymmetrical variegated one, really sad trailer, a long necked palm tree leaning outta the cup, and a weird reaching thing in the back!

 More sad plants! Weird leaves, too much variegation, spent blossoms, rooted chirita leaves that never make babies, crazy "leggy" leafed plant, tiny plants with missing crowns, and something else I cut off in the pic--Oops!

 It's not all just for laughs and shocked looks, during "judging", we all learn what it is about the plant that would keep it from making a good show entry (or even just keep it from performing its best on our shelves) Here, Jan shows us a plant with a bit of a neck and some weird leaves that aren't laying properly which is ruining the symmetry. George McDonald looks horrified!

 Here, Lenny is showing us just how sad his trailer entry really is, and gives us some insight as to how it got that way. (Can you say, "Neglect"?)

 Here, Jan shows us a plant that has many spent (dead, brown) blossoms on it. Look at the restraint it's taking for her not to groom it--Oh wait, I think she is grooming it! It's hard for us African violet lovers not to groom.

And here we have the top show losers winners! They're hiding their faces, but I can tell you Lenny won bottom top honors with "Worst In Show", Ruth Ann won "Also Really Bad", and Jan won "Best Palm Tree"!

I love our club! I STRONGLY suggest finding out if there is an African violet club near you, and if there is go check them out! You can look up clubs by regions on this page of the AVSA site.


  1. That's hilarious, and a great idea! I'll have to check out the garden clubs in my area...

  2. Cool Alan! What area are you in?

  3. I have not yet joined the groups here in town but I always go to their plant sales and I LOVE my African Violets and Gesneriads. So excited to see some more folks out there too!!!

  4. Ficurina--That is wonderful that you are supporting the club! Do try and make it to a meeting sometime if you can, I bet you would have a lot of fun! :-)

  5. really funny, the 'worst plant in the show' will definitely be a scene stealer! How funny it can be having these meetings and shows! The plant doctor cliniquing will definitely be a good business.

  6. Andrea--Exactly, hahahaha!! Thanks for commenting! :-)


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