Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Entries Time/Got My Watch!

The show room is slowly starting to fill with plants as people are getting their entries in! George McDonald is grooming his, and says "Hi!"

Check out the watch with Lenny's photo on it! It looks great and is selling out rapidly.


  1. That's an awesome watch! Wish I could afford one. lol

    It's so much fun to be watching the convention through your eyes. Thank you!

  2. I agree with Sally, that is a awesome watch. :) If you don't mind me asking Ann-Marie, how much do those watches cost? I would definitely love to get my hands (I mean my wrists) wraped around one of those,Haha! (LOL) It just looks so cool!:D
    Thank you so much for always updating on what's going on at the convention. It looks so neat there and so big inside. I'm amazed by how the place looks! Wow! Maybe one day I would go to those conventions to enter my plants, one day I'm hoping to go.
    You just have a Super time there and keep on posting pictures, videos, and what not on your blog for all of us to enjoy. :D


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