Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Awards Results...

(Hard to keep up typing while they rattle this stuff off, but I did my best, so here ya go! Sorry if there are errors)

First off, there were 808 total entries!!

Best Standard Collection Neil Lipson

Best Species/3rd BIS--Barbara Jones

2nd Best Holtcamp Collection-- Kathy Lahti

Best Robinson Collection, 3rd Best Optimara Collection, Best Sport (Sport of Jolly Eyes)--Lorna Russell (yaaaaay!!)

Best Semiminiature (Optimara Little Hopi II), Best Lyon's Collection--Marie Burns (crowd chanted "Fix, fix!" hahaha all in jest)

Best Variegated (Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler), Best Mini/Second Best In Show (Petite Barney), Best Buckeye Collection, Best Trailer/BEST IN SHOW (CIRELDA)--Sandy Skalski (sorry her winning shot is blurry she was kinda FREAKING OUT!)

Congratulations Sandy! Cool to see a Jersey girl and fellow African violet blogger take the cake!


  1. Thanks for the show report! What plant won second best in show and what's the exhibitor's name?

  2. Go, Sandy, for winning best in show with Cirelda and runner-up to best in show with Petite Blarney!

  3. Best "Blurry" Freak Out Ever!


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