Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video - 2011 AVSA National Convention Sales Room

For anyone who's never had the fun of going to a National convention, I thought you might enjoy seeing just how amazing the selection of vendors and plants is in the sales room:

The list of vendors at this convention:

Bloomin' Jungle (Linda Rowe)
Bluebird Greenhouse (Libbie & Tom Glembocki)
Buckeye Violets (Pat Hancock)
Cape Cod Violetry (John Cook)
Cedar Creek Violets (David & Nancy Rollins)
Dave's Violets (David Harris)
Fancy Bloomers (Donna Brining)
Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses (Paul Sorano)
Out Of Africa (Gary Mikita)
Perfect Petal (BJ Ohme)
The Violet Barn (Rob & Olive Robinson)
Violet Gallery (Brenda & Mahlen Petry)

Overwhelming, but in a good way!


  1. Wow, I definitely have to go to one of these coventions one day! I'm so excited to see all the variety of violets on the video. Thanks for the post. :)


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