Sunday, May 1, 2011

Results of April 2011 Poll

(Does anyone else besides me really care about these polls? If you do, submit me some poll ideas via email, because I am starting to run outta ideas here!)

The question for last month (April) was: "Are you attenting the 2011 AVSA National Convention next month?" ("next month" at that time meaning "this month" now! AHHHHH!!!)

There were 55 total votes, and the majority aren't going (or aren't able) which is too bad, but 30% of those who voted ARE going, which I think is pretty good! And then there are the 4 people who are gonna try.. I hope they can make it!

If you are there and you're a Fuzzy Foliage African violet blog fan, please introduce yourself to me if I don't already know you. (Or even if I do! haha) I'll be working a lot at the registration desk, and working at the Cape Cod Violetry table (and the Violet Gallery table, but only briefly during the lunch auction).
Also, Andrea Worrell called Bill Foster yesterday and got me in for clerking! OH EM GEE!! I mean, I have clerked a few shows, but never at a NATIONAL show! This will be exciting for sure.

So yeah say "hi" if you see me, and let me know you're a blog reader--it makes me feel good. I'll have m3rma1d on my name tag, I have loooooong brown hair, and I'm just kinda everywhere like a fly buzzing around annoying everyone. You can't miss me.

Back to polls. This month's question is about lights. What kinda lights do you grow your African violets under? Mine are under florescent, but the stand is next to an east window that gets good sunlight so I answered "A little of this, a little of that..." because they definitely get both artificial and natural light. How about yours?


  1. Guess I'm the only one that uses fluorescent lights here. Would like to know details about "a little of this, a little of that..." Poll ideas sent to you. Jana

  2. As for me I use natural light from my south facing window. But of course, I have the blinds somewhat close to prevent any scorch marks on my violets. I had to learn that the hard way when I left the blinds fully open for about two weeks and there were some discoloration on the leaves and scorch marks. That was about two or three years ago when I really had no knowledge about african violets (Yeah I was pretty much a dunce about how to take care of african violets properly, and learned from my mistakes). Luckily the plants are looking very healthy and happy than ever.

  3. Jana I use fluorescent lights! But my stand is next to an east window, so I can't deny that there's also sunlight at play. So I chose "A little of this, a little of that..."

    Dakjak--Sounds great! Would love to see your plants sometime, got any pics?

  4. Well I do but I don't know which site to upload pictures at. I have two purple/bluish standard violet standard foliage. One is the original plant, the other is the clone of the original violet. They both have really long necks (which I have to decapatate soon) and suckers underneath the base of the plant. The original has about six or so suckers and the clone has one little sucker so far. The other violet I have is a sparkley pink violet with standard, I guess, ruffled foliage (not sure that's right but soon I will take pictures and show you). It is in a tall white pot (eventually I need to repot it but in the process of hybridizing). Oh speaking of which so far a few blooms didn't make the cross and died :(. But thank goodness only one managed to cross and the part below the pistal is swelling (Yay). My method was to put the anther place on to the stigma and leave for a few days and it worked for me. :) I to do to a few more blossoms on the plant to try again. My mother bought those violets at Home Depot about four years ago. There were three but one unfortunately died two years ago from crown rot. So those are my old violets. The new ones are my first starter plants from the violet barn (which I mention to you at a previous blog) hopefully I'll get some more violets or even a chimera violet! So when I find a sight to upload them, I would greatfullly post the link on your blog.

  5. You could try photobucket or something?
    You know... For someone with so much to say, you should REALLY join us on :-)

  6. Hey that sounds great I will go on violet reflections forum and check it out. And I'll definitely upload the photos at photobucket. Thanks for the info. :)


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