Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freakout Update

Well, today I had to run an errand, and that led me to have to walk by Jesus & Pals. So I yelled up at them, "Ready for blooms now!" I live in a crazy neighborhood, so nobody looked my way.

It's pretty much impossible to capture how awesome this building looks in just a picture.

I wrote "judgement day" on the 19th of my awesome 2011 Betty White calendar that hangs next to my plant stand, and I'm marking the days off now...
Betty's muffin is remarkably velvety!
It took me a really long time debating whether to use a green Sharpie or a pink one. Pink, of course, is my favorite color in the whole world. But I thought green is associated with plants and maybe it'd be lucky for them or something, so I chose the green.

Of course, now I wish I had gone with pink.

Maybe I shoulda used blue, for hopes of blue ribbons... because right now all I'm thinking I'll get are reds or whites. Ugh, horrible thoughts.
(And yes I know red and white together make pink, all you smarty pantses out there. Yer sooooooo funny.)

It's just that the more I look at my plants (which I spend A LOT of time doing, I can practically hear them growing I hover over them so much at this point) the more I am seeing all the flaws in the foliage. It sucks. At this point I think it doesn't matter if I can get them to make flowers. I can't get them to grow better leaves.
It's not even symmetrical, look at that gap! And there's a little brown scar thing on the leaf at 11:00.
Not that it matters, there's not gonna be any flowers.
This is pretty much the only perfectly symmetrical one with no weird spots on any leaves. But it has weird long leaf petioles that annoy me. I call this plant a "wagon wheel".
This one just... I dunno. It has issues.

I'm getting very sad. 


  1. As usual, you're being too hard on yourself. Bring whatever you get to bloom & just see what happens. You will be surprised. Go back & look at some of the plants in my web shots album from past conventions:
    Your plants have *many* of those beat all to heck & back! You need to stop making yourself miserable Ann-Marie. See you soon. Love & Hugs! Jana

  2. I agree with Jana, you need to stop being so hard on yourself and worry-less. Your plants are actually excellent looking and well symmetrical. The blooms maybe not ready yet but I believe they will be ready by the time "Judgement Day" comes. Just believe in yourself instead of downing yourself. Hope for the best! :D

  3. "Don't be hard on myself" is a weird term in a foreign language that I don't comprehend :-p


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