Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strange Things That Happen: Flowering Sucker Crown At Violet Barn / Facebook Stuff

Check out this crazy pic that The Violet Barn posted on their facebook page the other day!

They wrote:
Today's oddity....a decrowned (chimera) African violet. It's produced a few suckers (which we will root), as well as a number of blooms. It seems that it just cant wait to get started! The variety, by the way, is 'Ma's Lavender Prince', which grows much nicer if one doesn't cut its center out.....

Isn't that crazy?? I've never seen anything like it, but I love the weirdness!

Speaking of facebook, Fuzzy Foliage now has a facebook page! Don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere, but the facebook page will show in your newsfeed when the blog is updated, and followers can connect and post pics, discuss stuff, announce club meetings & shows, etc.

An even MORE important facebook page to go click "Like" on is this campaign someone started to get one of my photos on a cover of the African Violet Magazine. Sorta like the campaign that got Betty White on SNL. I didn't start it, but I do appreciate the support!

ANYways, enough facebook stuff.

Have you had any strange occurrences among your African violets that you'd like to share? Who among us doesn't love to stare at a freak once in a while? Please email me your pics with a blurb to: Remember--Weirdos make the world a more interesting place!


  1. Here's my weirdest thing -
    Old camera didn't focus well up close, but that leaf made babies all along the petiole & up on the leaf itself. Jana

  2. Wow That is Very unusual. I did not know that suckers could bloom that early. I wonder what did they do to make it bloom so quickly. I guess it just happened. Strange but yet fascinating.
    By the way Ann-Marie, I had uploaded my violet pictures at photobucket. You should check it out. I also have a picture at the very end of my purple/bluish violet that strangely has an extra bloom on one blossom. It is suppose to be a single bloom, but it seems that it has one flower that has an extra bloom.
    Here's the Link:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20
    So please tell me what you Think when you have a chance to look at them, why won'cha! :D
    And Jana, That has definitely got to be the weirdest thing I ever saw. That is strange how the suckers went all over the leaf. That's so weird but I love it! ;)

  3. Jana--That is CRAZY!! Love it!

    Dakjak--You are growing very well! Kudos to you! :-)

  4. Thanks Dakjak! Jana

  5. Thanks Ann-Marie! See you soon. Jana

  6. Your welcome Jana and your violets look amazing! :) How Many varieties do you have?

  7. I have between 100 to 150 named AVs - but I'm going to convention so that number will go up, LOL! Most the photos in my web shots are from AV shows & conventions. I took the photos but they're not my plants. Jana

  8. Wow Jana 100 to 150 varieties, and still counting!!! <:O OMG, that is alot. You have got to be the ultimate violet collector! LOL
    I wish I had that much but I only have two older violets (I said two (standards) older violets because the third one is a clone of the original and I had one other plant that died due to crown rot :( *sigh*) that were bought to me by my mother from home depot four years ago. I had no experience with violets what so ever. So out of luck, those older violets (which are unnamed) are healthy and excellent condition. Just have to restart them soon because the necks are too long and I haven't repotted for about two years ago. Plus I just recently recieved three new starter violets from the violet barn website (two standards and one semimini) and they are doing well. Also If I had that much violets it would crowd up the entire apartment I live in. Does your place feel crowded with all those violets?

  9. Dakjak - noooo I'm definitely not the "ultimate violet collector". There are many that have thousands of AVs and other gessies, too. My place doesn't feel crowded. I have a spare bedroom with 2 four foot long stands and 1 small stand (indoor greenhouse) on the counter in my kitchen. Jana

  10. Wait thousands!!! <:O Oh my goodness!!! Guess I was wrong about you being an ultimate violet collector then. Your definitely a collector, not an ultimate. I never knew there were that many varieties of violets. I thought there were hundreds but never thought there were thousands!!! Wow, just wow! LOL
    How long does it take you to maintain all of your violets like cleaning them, watering them, repotting them (when they need to), and what not? Also how many years did it take you to collect all of those violets?

  11. It's taken me about 10 years to gather these - I used to have more. I water about 1 hour every week or so. As for how many AVs - my First Class 2 program (info here: ) lists 18,706 named AVs - and that doesn't count all the ones that were never named. Jana


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