Friday, May 20, 2011

Friends And African Violets

Here's a little secret, although I don't really think I keep it secret at all. For me, the best part about coming to African violet conventions isn't actually the African violets, it's all the friends you get to see, both new and old.

There are those friends who you actually see quite often, but at a convention you get to walk around and marvel with them and just go "Wow!"
And there are those who you only get to see once a year, so you cherish this week you get to have time with them. (I like these friends because my annoying habits seem "cute" to them, since they don't have to put up with me year-round!)
Then there are those who you didn't know before but you're both at an African violet convention so you make fast friends. Nobody should be a "stranger" when we all meet up because of a common interest!

Then there are those people like my friend Kathryn, someone I knew only from facebook but not in person. I am SO happy that she came to convention and I got the chance to meet "for real"! She is such a sweet and kind lady, I only wish she coulda stayed a bit longer. I am not gonna get to give her a hug goodbye 'cos she's about to catch her plane and Lenny & I haven't made our way to the hotel yet. :-( So sad! I really hope she'll come to another convention.

Friends. Where would we be in life without them? Collect them just like you collect African violets. (Yes, I'm talking to you--I know you keep squeezing new plants on your shelves all the time!)

Make friends, grow plants, try to travel at least once and bring these two worlds together--I promise you will be so glad you did.


  1. I've been really enjoying your coverage of the AVSA convention! Although I'm a little jealous, of course, because I know I won't be able to attend anything like this for years to come. I hope you go to the Gesneriad Society show in Philadelphia--I'd love to see such excellent coverage of that event too!

  2. Thanks, Ann-Marie, for all your posts and pictures! Most appreciated! I'm sure you made sacrifices like naps, breaks, etc. to do so.

  3. The highlight of the convention for me was getting to meet my favorite AV writer in person! Next time, I'll stay longer.


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