Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Early Birthday To Me/PLANTS ENTERED!

My birthday isn't until June 2nd but since this is when we get together, I requested Jana make her super-yummy sounding Sugar Cream Cake that I had seen her post the recipe for on the Violet  Reflections Forum and OMG did she ever make it--Not just one, but 2!
And she brought plates & forks and a cute tie-died flower to the registration table, and everyone sang "Happy early birthday to you" at me, and we all had an awesome time eating the BEST CAKE EVER, WOAH!

Then my growing IDOL Lorna Russell helped me salvage a coupla show plants from my "Box O' Wreckage". Seriously dunno what I woulda done without her help, I think she really saved me from much embarrassment in the showroom tomorrow!

So I got 2 entries in. Still might get reds, but nobody can say I didn't try REALLY HARD to get those plants to bend to my will... And anyways who cares? I'M AT CONVENTION WHOOHOO!


  1. Happy Early Birthday, Ann-Marie! :D
    That cake sounds so yummy, you are making me hungry for a piece of cake! Mmmmm. LOL

    I am so pleased that you were able to enter atleast two of your show plants. They both look so pretty, and that tiny one looks so cute. :) I did not know that african violets can be so small like the tiny one. What are the names of the plants you had entered?
    Well I wish you luck tomorrow at the convention, hope you win!

  2. Good luck with your plants. Oh well it might already be judged now ... but anyway, enjoy the convention


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