Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello From The 2011 AVSA National Convention

Jenny and I are busy bees registering people!

I didn't update when I got here 'cos I was in a pretty bad mood after I got outta the car and fell on my azz onto the curb in front of the hotel and MY BOX OF SHOWPLANTS GOT DUMPED UPSIDE-DOWN! Ugh.

I'm feeling better now because lots of awesome friends are here. It's hard to be feeling bad at National!


  1. *Gasp* Oh NOOOooooooo! That's terrible. I'm so sorry to hear about you falling on the curb and that your show plants got dumped upside down. Damn. Well atleast you are ok and felling alittle bit better knowing that lots of friends are there with you at Nationals. Does this mean you can not enter your plants for show? Did atleast some of the plants stay intact?

  2. (@Dakjak It's ok, Ann-Marie managed to save two plants for show and they look flawless, thanks to the help of a friend and Idol she admires! The plants she saved are Mini Minx, a cute little tiny mini violet, and Rob's Loose Noddle. Also she won two blue ribbons for her plants and I'm so proud of her and seems like she enjoyed herself at the convention)

    Uh, yeah. I just want to give myself (three days in the past) the info on what's going on. Nothing weird about that, right?! I just...uh...nevermind.


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