Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show Winners

(Besides all the major bigtime award winners, I went 2 for 2 on blues! But yes, they spelled my name wrong on my entry cards, grrrrr!)
Best In Show
 Exhibited by Sandy Skalski

Second Best In Show/Best Miniature
Petite Blarney
 Exhibited by Sandy Skalski

Third Best In Show/Best Species
S. 5b clone dificilis  Mather  No. 2
 Exhibited by Barbara Jones

Best Standard/Best Variegated
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler
Exhibited by Sandy Skalski

Best Semiminiature
Optimara Little Hopi II
Exhibited by Marie Burns

Best AVSA Collection - Minis & Semis
Orchard's Bumble Magnet, Jolly Orchid, Skagit Lil Gem
Exhibited by Susan Arnao

Best Other Gesneriad (aka "weed" haha!)
Streptocarpus Fire n' Ice
 Exhibited by Marie Burns

Mini Minx - Exhibited by me, even tho my name is spelled wrong! >:-|

Rob's Loose Noodle - Also exhibited by wrongly-spelled me. Seriously HOW do they mess that up when my name was spelled (correctly and legibly) by me on my entry cards, AND the entry sheet AND my friend Paula TOLD THEM they were spelling it wrong while they were typing it in, and they ignored all of that? GRRRRR!!! If I find out who it was, they are going to get an earful. Still, I GOT TWO BLUE RIBBONS AT NATIONAL!


  1. Hey, Ann-Marie, you did all right with your two entries! Congratulations on earning blue ribbons on both of them! Good job!

    Wow, simply gorgeous horticultural specimen plants!

  2. Might the third best plant in show be S. velutina?

  3. Congrats! I have to say, before following your blog, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of violets. So pretty.

  4. <:O YAY!!! Congratulations Ann-Marie! WhooHoo!XD

    I am so glad that you won the blue ribbons! You did an excellent job taking care of those plants and even though they fell upside down and you did not enter all the plants you wanted to enter, you managed to save two of the best looking plants (I can not tell that they had an accident at all, they look flawless)and won! So congratulations Ann-Marie for your winnings!

    Also thank you for showing us your exciting adventure at the violet covention. I enjoyed all the pics of the judging of violets, the wonderful entries of all the violets, the best in show winners, and the wonderful people there. Thank you so much for showing us what goes on in a National Violet Convention. :)

  5. Hmm, funny. When I first saw your name on your facebook, I thought it was "Anne-Marie" for some reason. But I know now that it is Ann-Marie. They sound the same but totally different ways of spelling the name. LOL


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